Choosing a Driveway Gate FAQ’s

Choosing a Driveway Gate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) Answered by Elex Gates A lot of people are now considering adding new and more secure gates to their existing driveway or expanding their driveways to accommodate the growing number of cars in their family so we have put together everything you [...]

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Commercial and Automated Gates

Commercial and Automated Gates – Elex Gates Bristol Explains What You Should Take into Consideration? If you are looking for secure, efficient and an attractive entrance for your commercial property then Commercial and Automated Gates are your answer. If you are considering swing gate automation, sliding gate automation or bi-folding [...]

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Automate your Existing Gates: A Guide – Elex Gates & Barriers

Automate your existing gates: A Guide by Elexgates on 19th March 2018 in Automatic gates, Uncategorised Installation of automated gates have been slowly progressing throughout the UK because of its benefits. Aside from added security, it increases the value of your property and can be a form of investment. Automate your existing gates can increase the [...]

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Underground Residential Parking Access

The Underground Residential Parking Access is often needed for City Centre's whether that's businesses or living accommodation. For a high-traffic application in a residential building, reliability is paramount. This no-compromise installation consisted of highly durable components, and meticulous workmanship. Security being another priority, this is one sturdy set-up. All gates [...]

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Maintaining your Electric Gates: A Guide

Maintaining your Electric Gates Maintaining your Electric Gates is important as it ensures that they work safely and at its optimum capacity, it would require regular servicing and maintenance . Maintaining your Electric gates is vital to maximise its life span. As an average homeowner, you need to learn [...]

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