Weather you’re looking to keep unwanted intruders out, keep your intrepid offspring in, add convenience and ease of access to your property, or simply just upgrade the aesthetics of your boundaries, Elex has all bases covered with our extensive range of fences, gates and automation systems.

We manufacture and install a huge range of domestic gates, and because everything is made in-house there’s infinite flexibility for when it comes to finding your prefect fit. With a catalogue of wooden, metal and metal framed-wooden panelled gates in a huge range of styles and designs you’re sure to find the right gates and fencing for your needs.

All gates can be supplied in “kit” form, meaning we’ll deliver all the hardware needed for you or your chosen engineer to install, or fully installed by us. We also offer a range of automation options for every gate in our range.

Our most popular domestic gate is our driveway gates.

Choosing a driveway gate can be incredibly difficult if you are unsure as to what you want. Do you want wooden gates? Do you want metal gates? Which would look best with my fence panels? It’s common questions that are asked by our customers on a daily basis. Our bespoke manual and automatic gates are great whether you want to use them as estate gates or farm gates. You are able to choose everything from double driveway gates to wooden garden gates. We are able to match the gates to the colours of your existing fence posts and fences. You can choose from timber gatesmetal gates or a combination from both, using high-quality timber and steel.

We have an installation service where we are able to come out and check sizes for you. Gate fittings can be a lengthy process but we can let you know the estimated time of installation so that you know. As well as selling a wide selection of wooden driveway gates and metal driveway gates we also can recommend side gate and entrance gates to match.