Automate your existing gates: A Guide

Installation of automated gates have been slowly progressing throughout the UK because of its benefits. Aside from added security, it increases the value of your property and can be a form of investment. Automate your existing gates can increase the aesthetic and sophisticated appeal of your home. It can be a form of convenience as you don’t need to manually open your gates if you need to enter or exit.If you have a fondness for your gate,you don’t have to replace it to have it automated.  Manually operated gates can be made automated, however, your gate should pass certain standards before the technical team can apply the mechanism. You might get enticed with cheap automation kits that may cost just a few hundred pounds but the long-term effect of your gate might be compromised. Worst-case scenario is having your gate broken and acquiring concurrent losses because of cost of repairs. Having it checked with a team of engineers and technicians to see if your gate is applicable with automation is one good step away from probable deficits.
If you have a manual swing gate…

It must be operational and swings in both directions. Your manual swing gate should be level and not touch the ground while it swings. It is also important that the posts or the opposite foundations of your gate is strong and secured on the ground. This meant that wood posts and masonry columns are not appropriate for automation and they might need to get replaced with heavy duty steel that can be firm in concrete.

The hinges must be replaced too if they are rusty, stiff or fitted loosely and gates that are too heavy and are more than 200 lbs. should have ball bearing hinges.

If you want to automate your gate because it’s made with a lovely tinge of special wood, the technicians will consider its durability and thickness. Too thin is not passable as a good candidate for automation since the whole process needs the gate to be exceptionally enduring so that you can maximise your automated gate’s lifespan. This standard applies with the chain link swing gates as well. Generally, if you’re gate is thin, flexible and not built as heavy-duty, it is better to replace it with a gate with automation properties.

If you have a manual sliding gate…

Just like the swing gate, your sliding gate should be level and not touch the ground when opening or closing. It should operate smoothly along it’s tracks and slide seamlessly without grating along the path of the gate. This is because any halt on the automated operation because of dips and rises of the gate might cause the mechanism to function poorly and might break down if left with that state of repetitive malfunctions.

The length of your sliding gate should also be taken into consideration. Automating your existing sliding gate requires that it should be added with two to three foot extension for the installation of the gate operator chain brackets.

If you’re looking into automating your existing gate, you can contact us for enquiries regarding the suitability of your gate to automation. Elex Gates can look into your gate and advise what is the best way to automate your gate or if it needs to be replaced for automation.

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