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Recently completed installations and projects by Elex Gates.

Underground Residential Parking Access

The Underground Residential Parking Access is often needed for City Centre's whether that's businesses or living accommodation. For a high-traffic application in a residential building, reliability is paramount. This no-compromise installation consisted of highly durable components, and meticulous workmanship. Security being another priority, this is one sturdy set-up. All gates [...]

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Traditional Style Driveway Gates

The Traditional Style Driveway Gates are the gates most people will see when someone has a gate. It can be both a manual or automatic gate depending on what suites you. You could be forgiven for thinking that all automated and motorised gates, bristling with technology, must only suit modern [...]

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Commercial Automated Gates

The Commercial Automated Gates are great for uncompromising security, a spikey great sliding gate is what you need. If you want any incredible preventative solution to risk of intruders then the Commercial Automated Gates are the ones for you. Acting as a significant deterrent to crime the security fencing provides [...]

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Discrete Residential Gate Installation

Not everyone wants to be seen. Many of our residential customers are looking to blend in. This residential installation included full perimeter fencing, which was built to match the metal-framed timber gates for a very discrete combination.  

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Automate your Existing Gates: A Guide

Installation of automated gates have been slowly progressing throughout the UK because of its benefits. Aside from added security, it increases the value of your property and can be a form of investment. Automated gates also increase the aesthetic and sophisticated appeal of your home. It can be a form [...]

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