Electric Gates Guide, Hints & Tips

Electric Gates Guide, Hints & Tips

Everything you need to know about Electric Gates – discussed by Elex Gates

Electric Gates can be manufactured to size and a bespoke fit, or existing gates can be automated to make your life at home or business easier and more secure. There really is nothing more frustrating than having to get out of your car to open and close your gates every day and this is why Electric Gates are worth their weight in gold.

There are many types of electric gates available, ranging from smaller domestic use gates to large commercial electric gates, all of which give you enhanced security,  visual appeal and convenience.

Electric Gate Styles for Domestic and Commercial Use (all of which can be Automated and include Entry Systems)

  • Wooden Swing or Slide Gates
  • Metal Framed Swing, Slide or Bi-Fold Gates
  • Metal Swing, Slide or Bi-Fold Gates
  • Wooden or Metal Pedestrian Swing, Slide or Bi-Folding Gates

Swing Electric Gates

Swing Electric Gates swing open and closed and are hinged on one or both sides like a door. They typically open and close at a 90-degree arc swing from their open and closed positions and can be made or automated to swing in or out. This is something you should think carefully about as if you get this wrong it can cause you a lot of problems when you are using them.

Swing Gates are mostly used for domestic properties due to the ease of installation and lower cost but you have to have enough swing room inside your property when there are parked vehicles, or enough owned access outside the gates if they swing outwards. As with all electric gates, swing gates should always have safety trips to prevent them from opening or closing on people or vehicles.

Sliding Electric Gates

Sliding gates are more commonly used for lighter access to commercial properties. A sliding electric gate is mounted parallel to the inside of a fence or wall and slides horizontally back and forth across the gate opening. A sliding gate can use rollers on the bottom of the gate to support it and the rollers run along a metal track that has been installed into the ground across the gate opening, or, the gates can be supported from rails that run along the inside of the fence or wall structure and these are called a cantilever style gates. Cantilever gates are more commonly used for heavy-duty and industrial gate applications as they are less likely to have obstruction or friction issues from the roller metal track.

A professional and reputable electric gate company will be able to advise you which sliding gate option is available to you, as well as the benefits and disadvantages of both as it does depend on the size of your opening and fencing or walls either side.

Bi-Fold Electric Gates

Bi-folding gates are made up of two gate panels that are hinged together. When opened the gate panels fold back into themselves to allow access. Bi-fold gates are generally used in pairs on each side of the gate opening so you have the option of opening one or both sides. Some bi-fold gates need a track along the top or bottom of the gate. Bi-fold gates are a really good option if your space either side of the gate opening is limited. They can be manual or electric depending on your needs and how often they will be opened and closed.

Electric GatesElectric Gate Considerations

When you are considering installing an electric gate a professional gate installer will advise you on the best electric gate solution for you, your home or your business.

Consider the size of your gate opening, certain types of electric gates can only be fitted with certain opening widths and be strong enough for wider openings.

Consider the space you have at either side of your gate opening.

There will be more strain put on the fence or wall and fixings at either side of the opening the wider your gate opening width is.

A solid gate will be heavier and wind blustering against them will add more pressure to the side fixings, fences or walls, compared to a slatted gate style in either wood or metal.

The overall weight of the gate will determine the type of gate automation required. In general, the wider and taller the gate the more it will weigh as well as the material it is made from. Professional gate installers will make allowances for any increase in weight and pressure caused by high wind, rain, snow, or ice on the gate surfaces which will impact the performance of the gate more in exposed and rural locations.

High-volume use industrial gates will need quicker opening and closing speeds compared to residential gates, opening speeds that are too slow can cause traffic backups, business delays and user frustration.

The number of times the gate will be opened and closed each day should be considered when selecting an electric gate system. Certain types of electric gate systems are only designed for residential use where they will be opened and closed a few times a day. If the gate is being opened and closed 100’s of times in a day then an industrial electric gate system is required.

Electric gates should be fitted on a level ground surface as opening and closing on an incline can cause excessive wear and strain on the mechanics and electric system of the gate which will lead to damage and performance issues.

Gates manufactured for automation are a better option for industrial use where the gates will be opened and closed consistently through the day as they are less likely to impact the gate performance and its reliability. Adding automation to an existing gate is more feasible in a domestic property as the usage of the gate is much less.

Safety functions and systems must be installed for commercial and domestic use gates.

The power supply must be considered when you are choosing the type, weight and size of your gate if the power supply isn’t big or consistent enough then this will impact your gate opening and closing performance.

Our Electric Gate Summary

It is a big decision deciding on the type of gate you install as it can be expensive and they do require regular servicing and maintenance. We always advise that you use a professional and reputable Electric Gate Installer who will be able to assess your needs and recommend the product that will best serve your needs. A good Gate Installer will offer a bespoke service, a good length warranty and maintenance contracts that will ensure the consistent performance and reliability of your gate.

About Elex Gates

Elex Gates has been providing all types of gates, barriers, bollards, doors and fencing for over a decade to Bristol, the South West and surrounding areas.

We understand that our domestic and commercial customers want automated gate systems that stand the test of time and this is why we take the quality of our products and the services we provide seriously. We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship and strive to provide the highest installation and service standard every time.

We have our own in-house production facility as well as access to all top gate manufacturers and this enables us to offer a bespoke service to meet any brief or budget, offering you:

  • Enhanced Security
  • Visual Appeal
  • Convenience

Our Domestic Electric Gates

Our range of premium driveway and access gates are available in both manual and automated designs. You can choose from timber, metal or a combination of both in sleek, contemporary and classic styles to suit your home. All of our gates come with a quality guarantee, plus professional installation and excellent after-sales support.

Our Commercial Electric Gates & Barriers

Our made to measure commercial gates come in a variety of designs and styles. All of our gates offer security with additional security features available which include our keypad and intercom systems. Our Commercial Electric Gates & Barriers are ideal for keeping your commercial premises running smoothly and safely inside and outside of your business’s operating hours.

We also install vehicle barriers and automated bollards for added security which are perfect for car parks and private premises. If you operate a commercial car park. We also supply specialist car park revenue systems which provide you with greater control over your car park.

Our Electric Gates Custom Design

Our in-house workshop creates bespoke gate designs for businesses and homes. If you have a particular logo, message or design in mind, or if you are in need of inspiration then we can offer advice and custom gate designs.

Our Electric Gate Servicing & Maintainance

Poorly maintained electric gates will have performance problems and can be unsafe. At Elex Gates we offer maintenance packages that are perfect for ensuring your gates are safe and fully functioning at all times. We offer:

  • Fast Response Times
  • Improved Reliability
  • Regulation Compliance

If you are considering installing Electric Gates at your home or business or want to automate your existing gates then contact us on 0117 978 6095 or email us on info@elex-group.co.uk and one of our gate experts can answer any questions you may have or arrange for your free site assessment and no obligation quote.