Existing Gate Automation Systems

At Elex Gates, we can automate any existing gate upon request from our customers. Despite the type of gate or use for the gate, our hardworking team will give everything to automate your gate and fulfil your request. With our excellent gate automation systems, any gate in any material, shape or size can be transformed into a fully automatic gate that has great function. Your existing gate can also be retro-fitted with all additional intercoms and entry/exit devices for your convenience. Do not be concerned about the age, or condition of your non-automated gate. Our team can investigate to make sure your gate is fully automated. It is also not just existing domestic gates that we can automate, we can also automate existing gates for commercial use. Elex Gates provide the most competitively priced electric gate services in the South West. Get a free quote with us today and experience our high-quality electric gate services.

Automated gate systems can be applied to the vast majority of existing gates, barriers and doors in your site or property. This also includes swinging or sliding gates, security barriers or garage doors. However, depending on your requirements, we can also install and design a completely new automated system on your property or site. New installations can range from small installations, all the way to large customised designs. These can also be linked to existing pillars, brickwork, gates or fencing. All of our systems are easily operated and can be integrated with your electrical systems to connect with security or outdoor lighting systems.

Electric Gate Automation systems are an excellent way to prevent and deter unwanted intrusion to your property or site. They are also great for providing you with that extra bit of privacy and peace of mind which sometimes feels like it is required. Domestically, secure automated gates can also become a pride of place and help your home to look even more magnificent then it does. Besides keeping things out, electric gates are also excellent for keeping things in. If you have young children or energetic pets, it will keep them secure within your property when they are unsupervised. You will also have complete control who enters your property or site with an automated gate. If you have an employee, friend or family member with mobility issues, an automated gate will also be a huge benefit to them. This is because the physical demands of opening and closing heavy manual gates are entirely removed. Elex Gates highly recommend the installation of automated electric gates for a property that is commonly used by a person or people with mobility issues.

If you are considering buying new gates to be automated or having your existing, we would advise that you take advice from us here at Elex Gates. We can provide expert advice so that you can get the very most out of your automated gates when they are fitted. At Elex Gates we serve the South West with incredible Electric Gate services, which has helped us become trusted and relied on by our customers. We promise that our Existing Gate Automation systems are second to none and we will not settle for less than 100% customer satisfaction. If you need support and advice on having a automation system fitted on your gate, feel free to contact a member of our team who will be happy to give you expert advice on whatever query you may have. With Elex Gates, we can also provide you with a free quote for your services. To contact us for a free quote or for any enquiry you may, call us today on 0117 405 4349 or email us at info@elex-group.co.uk. We can also provide you with information on other services as well as general information

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