Commercial and Automated Gates – Elex Gates Bristol Explains What You Should Take into Consideration?

If you are looking for secure, efficient and an attractive entrance for your commercial property then Commercial and Automated Gates are your answer.

If you are considering swing gate automation, sliding gate automation or bi-folding gate automation, it is crucial that all works carried out by the commercial gate installation company such as Elex Gates, comply with the Machinery Directive and the Health and Safety recommendations as set out by the HSE.

Safety and prevention of accidents are paramount when installing a mechanical electric gate that, if not installed and maintained correctly, can be dangerous and potentially harmful.

To comply with the HSE Health and Safety guidelines and Machinery Directive, Elex Gates do not supply off the shelf or third-party electric gates. We design a gate system that is ideal for your premises, requirements and usage and then build the gate system utilising the highest quality components, and then warranty the complete electric gate installation.

Commercial electric gates are used by businesses to control access to any secured areas and their properties as a deterrent to intruders.

Elex Gates are the South West’s premier manufacturer and installer of high-quality electric and automated commercial gates and work with many small and large businesses across the South West.

There are various factors to take into consideration when you are thinking about having commercial electric gates fitted to your property and these will help you decide on the type of commercial electric gate which is suitable for your premises.

  • Is the ground level at your entrance?
  • How much manoeuvring space is available for vehicles?
  • How wide is the entrance?

At Alex Gates, we have a wealth of experience in installing commercial electric gates on uneven or sloping ground, as well as more complex projects with numerous vehicle and pedestrian entrances.

We always carry out a full site assessment and we will talk to you in depth about your requirements and what you want to achieve from your gates and will then review the available options with you, along with the benefits and costs to enable you to make the right decision for you, your business and your property.

Commercial Electric Gates can be operated using a variety of control devices which include:

  • Digital keypads
  • Card readers (in most situations a card reader is used to access the gate system and the building)
  • Intercom systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Vehicle tag readers

Commercial and Automated GatesWhy should you Automate Your Gates?

Gate automation is the best and most secure way of protecting your property and business and offer:

  • Convenience to team members, customers and delivery companies
  • They secure your property, team members and assets
  • They add value to your commercial property
  • If your operation is 24 hours your team will feel more secure, especially at night
  • Customers and delivery companies will find it easier to access your business with automated gates
  • It will make your property and business feel more exclusive
  • It can reduce your insurance premiums

 What Is The ‘Normal System’ to use when Automating Your Gates?

There really is no “normal system” and each automation should be planned and designed around your requirements and business needs. There are lots of popular commercial gates systems available to install, as an example, if you have automated sliding gates at an industrial or distribution yard, the type of vehicles entering the site, the volume of traffic, how and where pedestrians access the site and your preference for controlling the gates will make your gate system unique to you and your business.

Commercial Gates can be automated with above the ground visible automation systems or they can be hidden under the ground of the gates. Both systems work equally well and there are benefits and disadvantages to both. We will discuss these options with you during our site visit to ensure you understand what is best for you and your business.

A typical workable entry system is when two operators are controlled by radio transmitters, an intercom or numeric sequence keypad. When you arrive at your property or site one of the transmitters is used to open your gates and after an agreed pre-set time the gates will automatically close. All our gate systems have safety features to ensure the gates do not close on vehicles and or people.

When any visitors arrive, they would use the intercom located at your entrance to confirm their attendance and the automated gates can be opened using an internal handset. If you have businesses that you work with regularly and trust, and, or staff members entering and leaving your site regularly then you also have the option of a numeric sequence keypad at your automated gate entrance and the code will need to be entered correctly for the gates to be opened. If this is an option you decide to go with then we always advise that you have a structured process which enables you to change your access code at agreed times to optimise the safety of your site and team.

How do I start the process of installing Commercial and Automated Gates?

One of our expert surveyors will come out to your business premises to discuss your electric gate and barrier/bollard requirements. Our free site survey includes discussing:

  • Your opening hours and days
  • Whether it is commercial or industrial usage
  • The physical size and design of the gates
  • The number of buildings being secured by the gates
  • If the areas are open to certain weather conditions

We will then:

  • Taking any required dimensions
  • Performing ground level checks
  • Completing a risk assessment survey
  • Checking cabling routes and power sources

Based on your needs and budget we will then recommend the best-automated gate and access control system for you and your business.

Why Choose Elex Gates?

We have our own in-house production facility, access to all the top gate manufacturers and automated gate experts which gives us the ability to meet any brief or budget, large or small. We can create bespoke gate designs for businesses and individuals and whether you have a logo, message or design in mind, or in need of inspiration then we can help.

Safety is a priority for us at Elex Gates and all our commercial gates are CE marked and professionally installed in accordance with the relevant HSE standards.

We have been providing Bristol and the South-West with security and secure automated gates, barriers, bollards, doors and fencing for over a decade and we have the experience and know how to ensure you have the right system, at the right price to protect your business.

We offer an emergency repair service and are always on hand to give you any advice you need as well as offering servicing and maintenance visits to ensure your gates are always in good, safe and efficient working order.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and provide the highest installation standards and service in Bristol, Somerset and the South-West. Alex Gates will stand the test of time.

If you are looking for Commercial and Automated Gates and to find out more, contact us on 0117 978 6095 and one of our experts will be able to arrange your free, no obligation site survey with you.