Outdoor and Exterior Turnstiles for Commercial Premises in Bristol, Bath & Somerset.

Elex offer a range of outdoor/exterior turnstiles ranging from light-duty units for light pedestrian control, right up to super heave duty full height security turnstiles… and everything in between.

Starting At

security turnstile at Rolls Royce Bristol

Turnstiles make for truly effective outdoor security and pedestrian access control. Great for enhancing perimeter security 24/7. Contact us for pricing and information about our exterior turnstiles. Call 0117 978 6095 or complete our online contact form.

At Elex Gates & Barriers, we offer comprehensive turnstile installation, servicing, repair and maintenance. With a full guarantee to provide you with lasting peace of mind. Take advantage of our advice service and discuss your security access requirements with a member of our friendly, professional team today.

Turnstiles are suitable for a wide range of commercial applications such as:

  • Stadiums for football, rugby, cricket, racing, etc.
  • Leisure and corporate buildings
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Factories
  • Government buildings
  • Work sites
  • High-risk premises

Each turnstile can be tailored to your business requirements. Choose from half, ¾ or full height turnstiles, depending on your premises. Our exterior turnstiles are built and installed to extremely high specifications to ensure that they are long lasting and suitable for outdoor use. Designed to meet all security requirements and access control needs, with the latest features and technology.

Manage the Flow of Pedestrians & Enhance Security

Our dependable outdoor turnstile installations are perfect for managing the flow and movement of pedestrians in and out of commercial premises. Ideal for businesses with stricter access requirements. See above for a recent project where we installed a set of full height outdoor turnstiles for a well-known luxury car manufacturer, helping to improve the perimeter security around their offices in Bristol.

With our exterior turnstiles, you can even include a fully integrated access control system such as an intercom system or keypad entry to add further convenience and security. Call us today to discuss your requirements or to get a free quote for your exterior turnstiles.

To learn about some of our other types of automation and access control systems, such as door intercoms and vehicle barriers, visit our pages. Or, give us a call on 0117 978 6095.

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