Car Park Revenue Systems Across Bristol, Bath & Somerset.

Our services include a vast selection of technology that we can incorporate into the management of your car park, including:

  • ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)
  • Payment Machines
  • Pay by Phone (Cashless payment options giving virtual parking permits)
  • Free automatic number plate recognition cameras

Above all else, we want to empower every one of our customers with complete control over their car parks at all times. We want to work together to help make those goals a reality for your organization.

Freeing up spaces for your clients encourages them to visit you regularly. Eliminating unauthorised parking on your site allows you to focus on what really matters – looking after your clients and prospects and serving them in the best possible way. At Elex Gates & Barriers, we offer you tailored systems that represent the future of effective car park management.

We recognise that each car park is unique. Each contract is individually tailored to provide optimal operational procedures and management for that specific situation. This ensures a service which is fair and effective and which balances the needs of both clients and motorists.

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Reliable, Accurate & Cost-Effective

Our car parking systems are suitable for a wide range of commercial industries, each ensuring greater compliance from visitors and increased revenue. Plus added convenience and improved customer service, encouraging visitors to return. Our ANPR systems can be linked with Pay & Display, allowing visitors to pay with ease.

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The Future of Car Park Revenue Systems – ANPR

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) car park systems are growing increasingly popular due to their low maintenance needs, accuracy and ease of use. With ANPR, cameras are fitted at the entrance and exit of the car park. When a car enters, a timed photograph is taken, with a closeup of the vehicle’s number plate. The vehicle’s length of stay is calculated and the payment machine will accept the correct payment for the duration of the stay. If the stay is exceeded (beyond a certain ‘grace period’), the driver will be required to pay an additional charge.  

What Are The Benefits?

ANPR offers a ton of benefits for your commercial car park. It’s no surprise that more businesses are opting to use it, from major supermarkets to local high street car parks. Firstly, it is so convenient for people to use. It is ticketless, so there are no issues with lost tickets. Our systems also offer a choice of payment types, from cash and card to mobile phone and online.

ANPR is such a versatile and flexible system, making it ideal for any car park. With 24/7 parking area management and increased security, with parking offences that can be automatically issued, ANPR is certainly efficient and extremely cost-effective. Especially, with our offer of free cameras with our ANPR packages, saving you from additional implementation costs.  To find out more about our ANPR car park systems, contact us today. Get in touch for a friendly chat with a member of our team today.

Our car park revenue system can be used in conjunction with our automated barriers and vehicle bollards, as well as our commercial gate systems. Find out more by visiting our other commercial pages. For our range of commercial gates available across Bristol, Bath & Somerset, check out our online selection.