Gates for small schools is something not everyone will think of, especially if you work in a small school that doesn’t have a lot of space for big opening gates.

If you work in a village or a small town, the chances are there isn’t a large school building near you.

When there aren’t many students, there’s no need for a large premises – and the cost savings on offer when building maintenance costs are low can quickly add up.

However, size is not a reason to compromise on safety. Whether you have five pupils or 500, it’s important to always maintain a safe and secure environment.

In order to deter potential intruders and to keep students safely inside at all times of the school day, you should always keep your premises gated. In this post, we’ll look at the gate options on offer for smaller schools.

1. Avoid gates with gaps

Small schools often have fewer staff, so you may not have a full-time receptionist or someone keeping an eye on the front entrance every second of the school day.

That means your gate is your main defence against cheeky children who are eager to misbehave or even sneak out of the building. Children are small and stealthy, especially in primary school, so make sure you choose a gate that has no gaps for misbehaving kids to climb or crawl through during playtime!

The safety and welfare issues this could cause are the stuff of nightmares, so act now to prevent future problems.

2. Aesthetics are important

When it comes to schools, it’s mainly what’s on the inside that counts. That means there’s no need for your building to look like a stunning masterpiece of design or for it to be in the running to win an architecture prize!

That said, it’s always wise to keep the building looking appealing. This is especially important in tight-knit places like villages and small towns where your school might be a community focal point, while a welcoming and friendly environment is also important for student morale.

So when you’re choosing school gates, be careful not to install something wildly out of proportion with the rest of the school. Placing a large gate at the front of a small school will make the building appear unnecessarily fortified – and no school should look like a prison!

However, a gate that is too small might increase the risk that intruders could jump over and gain entry, or that pupils may climb over to leave. The wisest move is to have an expert quickly assess the premises and take some measurements in order to work out what is best.

3. Sliding gates save space

When protecting their premises, many schools choose to install some swinging gates – ones that move slightly outwards or inwards when opened.

But in a small school, you may find that space is at a premium and swinging gates aren’t an option. When open, swinging gates may take up a substantial chunk of the playground or run the risk of hitting part of the building. For that reason, consider sliding gates.

They need much less room and can be integrated with a nearby wall, giving your premises a sleek look as well as conserving space.

Are you wondering what steps to take in order to keep your pupils safe while in your care every school day? Or are you searching for a specific gate system you can install at your school in order to improve security?

The team at Elex Gates is made up of experienced, accredited installers you can rely on, and we’ve been certified by the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting as a provider of high-standard products. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

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steel commercial school education facility fencing automated gates

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