Installing electric gates on your car park can have many benefits, from increased security and privacy to opportunities for extra space outside the office (should you need it). If your business already pays for the car parking space you offer your employees, you should seriously consider installing electric gates to offer your staff added security when parking at work. By investing in electric gates, you’ll also make it clear that the carpark is for private use of employees working within the business, putting passers-by off parking in spaces you need. Below we’ve highlighted some of the main benefits of installing electric gates in your business car park.


One of the most important benefits of installing electric gates in your car park is the added security you will enjoy. It’s a benefit you can offer your staff, that you’re providing not just a parking space for them each day, but a secure parking space, with electronically controlled gates. You can install an intercom system on your gate so that anyone entering your premises first has to make you aware of their presence.

If your staff work on a shift pattern through the night, for example, if you’re a 24/7 service provider, the security gates will give you and the employees working late at night that added peace of mind that they and their vehicles are secure whilst at work. The gates can help to protect both the vehicles within the carpark and your building, as getting through the gates is impossible without granted access.


Installing electric security gates also increases the privacy you will enjoy whilst you and your team are at work. The gates will ensure you aren’t getting unsolicited visits or mail, which can be extremely disruptive to your working day. It also means you have increased privacy in the premises you operate in, keeping any deliveries or high-profile interviews out of public view.


By installing electric gates in your car park, you also open up the opportunities you have at your office premises. You could ask people not to park in the car park once a year and transform the area into an outdoor celebration area. You could have a BBQ for staff to reward them for all their efforts and hard work throughout the year. Turn the area into an outdoor staff Olympics area, or hire in an external team building company, using your usual car park space to bring your staff together by working on fun, problem-solving tasks. Giving yourself a secure space outside of your office opens up so many new opportunities for you, with the peace of mind the space is secure and only invited people are able to access it.

Increase in value

Another major benefit of installing automatic gates in your carpark is that you will automatically increase the value of your building, which if you’re looking to sell could help to greatly increase its cost price. Even if you’re not currently looking to sell, investing in electric gates will bring down your insurance costs as you take out extra measures to protect your business.

Whether it’s your first time ever installing an electric gate or you’ve experienced the process before, we’re confident that we can find a solution that will work perfectly for you. With a range of electric gate solutions to choose from, including sliding gates, swing gates and electric security gates, we’ll use our expertise to find the gate that will work best for you and your business. For more information about Elex Gates & Barriers and the services we provide, contact us today.

BFT vehicle security barrier installation and service bristol south-west

BFT vehicle security barrier installation and service bristol south-west

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