Here in the UK, thanks to CCTV, car park barriers UK, and countless other inventions and creations designed to deter thieves and cut back on crime and vandalism, keeping your vehicle safe in a car park is now much easier than it was several years ago. However, with that being said, there are still risks associated with leaving your vehicle unattended in a car park, which is why you need to choose the best location possible when parking your vehicle for work, to run errands, or for any other reasons for that matter. The last thing you want when parking your car and heading into town to indulge in a spell of shopping, is to return to find that your car has been broken into, or worse yet, stolen altogether. Here’s a look at a few tips for keeping your car safe when parking in a car park.

Park under CCTV Cameras
Most larger commercial car parks in the UK now have working CCTV in operation, which is designed to cut back on crime, and to ensure that there are no discrepancies and issues regarding accidents and failure to pay and display etc. When parking your vehicle, if you can find a space that is directly in line with a CCTV camera, make sure you park there as this will not only deter thieves, it will also help in identifying a thief if you are the victim of a crime.

Choose a Car Park with Barriers
Car park barriers UK are absolutely fantastic inventions when it comes to deterring thieves and other criminals for that matter. Car park barriers UK may only be accessed by ticket holders, or when the correct pin number is entered, so if somebody was to attempt to steal your vehicle, they would almost certainly not be able to get through the barriers. If they happened to do so, it would obviously slow down the vehicle, cause damage, and make a lot of noise, which is hardly what any master criminal would want as it would draw attention to themselves. Therefore, if you have the choice, park where there are working car park barriers UK in operation.

Park in Busy Areas
Although it may be tempting to choose a quieter corner of the car park, away from other vehicles and therefore eliminating the risk of having your car door bumper by people getting in and out of their own vehicles, if possible, you should choose to park near other vehicles. This is because the more vehicles there are, the more people there are likely to be about, so a thief would obviously not risk smashing a window, if there were people nearby, as they could be caught at any moment.

Remove Valuables
Although experts tell you to lock valuables out of sight, most thieves would know to look in places such as the glove box, or under the seat, so if there is a valuable item that you would never wish to risk losing, ideally you should take it with you when you leave your vehicle, as it is better to be safe than sorry.

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