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Your business is your livelihood; therefore, it should be protected in every way possible to ensure the safety of your staff and the security of your property. With a security gate in place, your company premises has an effective first line of defence. But what are the benefits of such an investment, and what sort of options could be at your disposal?


Before considering the options available to you and your business, it’s important to fully understand the benefits of security gates that could give your business.

Theft and criminal damage is an increasing concern in commercial properties, particularly if you hold valuable assets on your premises overnight. A large and clearly marked security gate and fence will act as an automatic deterrent to potential criminals, mainly as it becomes harder to gain initial access to the property. Including a security gate could also significantly decrease the foot traffic on your premises, as fewer people and cars will be able to access the premises. Barriers and bollards can also prevent any unwanted parking on your premises. You may want to prevent the general public from entering your premises for their own health and safety reasons, in which case a security gate offers the perfect solution. Finally, with an automated or electric system, you and your staff are given personal control over who enters the premises, whether through a key or remote entry system.

You know the benefits, and you know that you need to invest in a security gate and barrier, but what are the options available to you?

Electric Gates – Electric gates come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and can therefore be easily adjusted for all property types. These can also be offered in swing or sliding varieties depending on the space available. Electric, or automated, gates can be used for outdoor commercial areas, such as warehouses and car sales facilities, or enclosed areas such as underground parking facilities, to name a few. The flexibility of this option is never ending, meaning you’re sure to find the perfect addition to your premises.

Automatic bollards – Offering excellent opportunity to maintain control over who is granted access to the property, and reducing general vehicle traffic, automatic bollards offer high levels of security for facilities such as airports, car parks and private golf and leisure clubs. They can even be combined with intercom and key entry systems for further control and peace of mind.

Pedestrian Gates – As the name suggests, pedestrian gates provide individual access to your property for pedestrians. This solution offers a safe, separate entrance from the larger gate entrances that normally accommodate vehicles, can be fully automated with a magnetic lock, and also include an intercom system or passcode entrance system for added control.

Electric barriers – This solution is ideal for business entrances that are often busy, and need additional management. As with many other security gate solutions, they can also be fitted with an intercom and/or a keypad entry system.

More benefits of security gates and barriers provide the added protection and deterrence that your business needs. It may also be worth adding a high-quality CCTV and alarm system to your security package, for increased peace of mind.

Elex Gates and Barriers provides first-class security gates that stand the test of time. Priding ourselves on the quality of our workmanship, we offer the best electric gate solutions to the Bristol and South West region. Whatever the reason, to find the perfect security gate solution for your business, and to view some of our additional services, visit the Elex Gates and Barriers website today, or contact the team on 0117 978 6095.

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