Before having any additions made to your home, including a fence or automated gate, it’s vital to check whether you need planning permission to proceed. Failing to do so could result in significant penalties against you.

This guide will offer advice as to when you will need to apply for planning permission when looking to install an automated gate, or fence, and what the repercussions could be if you fail to do so.

When is planning permission needed?

There are a number of circumstances in which planning permission may be required, and it’s vital to know what these are before you agree to have work done.

If your chosen automated gate is set to be taller than 1 metre, and it is due to be installed next to a highway, or path beside a highway, planning permission is required.
If you don’t live near a highway and you’re looking to have a fence or automated gate installed – no matter the style – planning permission must be acquired for anything that exceeds 2 metres.
If your property is a listed building, or your property forms a boundary with a listed building, then planning permission will also be required to ensure that any construction work completed is done so sympathetically with the design of the house or street. This is also required to avoid the possibility of damage to the properties in question.
Similar to regulations surrounding listed properties, if you are found to be living in a protected or conservation area like a national park, you will also need to fill out an application for planning permission before having a fence or automated gate installed. You may also be required to inform the relevant authorities depending.

Should none of the above situations apply to you, then you may find that you don’t need planning permission to have your fence or automated gate installed. However, to avoid incurring the following penalties, it’s always worth consulting with a professional before any work begins.

What are the penalties?

Initial action will often include an assessment of the work taking place. If you’re local authority find the work to be a breach of regulations then they will make a formal request for the structure to be taken down. Not only will this be a significant waste of money, but it may also take a lot of time before your project is approved.
Should you fail to comply with the initial request to tear down the gate or fence, you will likely be issued with a hefty penalty fine that must be paid by a specific date. Ignoring this and legal action may be taken against you do to this breach of local authority rules and regulations.

Why consult a pro?

Working with an experienced automated gate installation company will help you through each stage of the planning application process, should you need it. The company will be able to identify whether or not you actually need planning permission, and have all the necessary designs prepared to submit for review.

A knowledgeable company will also offer advice on which planning application you will need to submit, and support you through any issues that arise. Once permission is received, they can then work to complete your project in a timely manner to suit your schedule.

When it comes to the legalities of making additions to your home, it’s never worth the risk. So, whether you’re looking to have an extension built, a fence installed, or an automated gate designed, be sure to have all the necessary paperwork in place.

Elex Gates and Barriers can provide the necessary support and guidance to guarantee that your planning application is successful and that your brand new automated gate is up and running in no time.

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