Access control gates systems are a primary security feature that controls who is able to access a room, building, or location. With a system in place, you can decide exactly who is authorised to enter your premises and prevent any unwanted visitors from finding their way inside. You might think that an access control system is only suitable for a place of work, but there are a number of benefits to be gained by having one in place at home.

As we’ve already said, access control systems are a great security solution, as you are able to control who is able to enter your property. This is an excellent deterrence method against potential burglars, as it provides an additional barrier for them to overcome before even reaching your property. As there will be a reduced risk of burglary, your valuable assets and family heirlooms will be protected, and your family safe from any risk of injury that could occur in the process. It can also be particularly useful against door-to-door salespeople, and cold callers, as you can refuse entry to your property.

Many access control systems for domestic use are installed with an automated gate system, which will not only improve the security level of your home but will also increase the overall property value.

There are multiple types of access control systems that can be installed in your home, therefore it’s important to know what is available to you, and how it works. Your property may even benefit from having more than one system in place.

Intercom system:

Simply put, an intercom system allows you to talk to the person attempting to gain access to your property. You can then grant or deny access to the property by opening your automated gate without leaving the comfort of your home.

CCTV Access:

You could opt for CCTV access control as an alternative to an intercom system. This provides a live video feed from your gate, or another point of access, to a monitor in a secure location, you to see who is trying to enter your property. If you don’t recognise the individual, or feel uncomfortable allowing them in, simply walk away.

Key fobs and Keypads:

For quick and easy property access for you and your family, a key fob or keypad system simply needs you to swipe the fob or enter a specified code, and access to the property is granted. This is a popular access control system for domestic, and combined with an effective intercom or video feed system will ensure home security is maximised.

GSM Technology:

High security turnstile gate

High security turnstile gate

Looking for some a little more high-tech? You can now gain access to your property simply by using your mobile phone. GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) Technology works by granting access to a pre-approved list of phone numbers. So, by calling your gate – yep, you read that right – your access control system can verify your phone number, approve (or deny) access to the property, and open your gate. It’s as simple as that! An alternative option is to have the system call you directly when someone attempts to enter your property, meaning that you can maintain access security to your property you’re your home, work, or anywhere in the world.

So yes, access control systems are an excellent option for domestic security, and there are many solutions to choose from. If you think your home or workplace could benefit from an access control system, contact Elex Gates and Barriers today. Our highly-trained and dedicated engineers will work with you to meet your individual needs. For any further questions about access control systems for domestic use, the Elex team are here to help, so give us a call on 0117 978 6095.

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