Automated Gates may have gained popularity among residential properties but commercial establishments can highly benefit from using Automated Commercial Gates as well. Its benefits goes beyond adding appeal to your property. It also adds protection to your property and improving overall customer experience.
Here are the 8 reasons why commercial property owners are making the switch:

1. Automated gates provide safety and security

Gates are your first line of defense. Not only does it secure your property but also makes your customers feel safer. Automated gates don’t just add to your establishment’s aesthetics. It is also a great security feature for your business.
The most popular reason why property owners choose to install automated gates is security. Having automated gates is a great security option for keeping unwanted trespassers off your commercial property. The irreversible geared motor that comes with the gate make it very difficult for burglars to force open them as compared to traditional gates. Also, the solid, robust design of your automated gates will function as a deterrent to all types of crime. Most gates can be kept active 24 hours or depending on your business hours.

2. Adds appeal to your property

Automated gates make your establishment look a lot fancier. It has that inviting look that captivates potential customers more. But of course, make sure you consult an interior designer first to review your options for design. You would want to choose the one that best fit your theme and make your business stand out from its competitors.

3. Automated gates are easy to customise

Automated gates can be custom made according to your business requirements. Choose between designs and colours based on the overall theme of your business. A swing gate or sliding gate can be integrated with a full range of locking mechanisms, access control, and fire control systems. You can go as simple or as extravagant as you prefer for as long as you have enough space to accommodate it. Usually, the pre-made designs are already looking fantastic. All you need are a few quick edits.

4. Provides convenience for your customers

With manual gates, your staff, or even your customers, would have to open and close them upon arrival. Automated gates will have you giving that best first impression. These gates are easy to control with a remote so no need for visitors to step out of their vehicle to do it themselves in case employees are not available.
It also allows you to see who your visitors are first and control whether you want to give them access to your property or not. This adds to its security and safety feature.

5. Installation and maintenance is surprisingly practical

No need to hire a third-party service to install your gates. Businesses enjoy the convenience of installing an automated gate. Most reputable suppliers have well-trained technicians equipped with necessary equipment and supplies who can efficiently and safely install your gates for you. Preventive maintenance programmes will also help ensure that your gates are operating accordingly at all times. Thus, this increases its life expectancies and provides reliability.

6. Automated gates are durable

Automated gates are usually made from stainless steel and aluminum. These materials are known for their toughness against breaking down due to weather damage or decomposition.

7. Increases property value

Property value fluctuates for many reasons. Making wise improvements on your commercial establishments may help boost its value. One of which is installing automated gates that truly adds to a property’s appeal.

8. Additional insurance breaks

Automated gates add a layer of proportion to your commercial property. Thus, your insurance company may become more willing to give you additional insurance breaks.

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