If you’re looking to sell or rent, are in the process of renovating, or think your home is in need of a style refresh, don’t ignore the impact of your property curb appeal. Investing in your interior design may create a beautiful living space, but if your exterior style doesn’t match up, first impressions may not be so positive. The following five tips will show you just how easy it is to improve the curb appeal of your property.

1. Freshen-up your front door

Your front door is the focal point of your home’s front exterior. When guests visit or passers-by glance across, their eyes will immediately be drawn to this initial point of your home as a representation of the quality and style of the property. Whether you opt for a bright splash of colour, or a simple and understated finish, updating your front door will significantly improve the overall curb appeal of your home. Top this off with refreshed door fixtures and dressings, and you’ll be left with a beautifully inviting entrance that reflects your interior style perfectly.

2. Keep driveways clear and weed-free

A cluttered driveway looks messy, unsightly, and unpleasant. Keeping this area free of any rubbish will ensure that you have somewhere clear to park, while also improving the neatness and overall appearance of the front of your home. Regular maintenance may also be required if you find weed’s regularly sprouting around the driveway area. If de-cluttering and weeding just aren’t enough, it may be worth considering replacing the driveway altogether. Opting for paving slabs, bricks, or even small pebbles will provide a pristine finish to your home’s exterior.

3. Give your fronting a face-lift

Improving your homes curb appeal could be as simple as keeping the windows and door-frames clean. You could even take this a step further and use jet-wash to remove any dirt and brighten up the exterior of your house. Depending on the exterior materials, it may be possible to repaint your home, however, it is useful to seek the help of a professional. To achieve a clean and simple finish, light and neutral colours are often advised when repainting a home’s exterior, but if you’re really looking to make a statement throw caution to the wind and go for something a little bolder.

4. Invest in an electric gate

An electric gate at the entrance to your property can offer so much for your property, and significantly improve its overall curb appeal. An electric gate is a fantastic security feature to your home, giving you the ability to control who is able to enter the property as you choose, while also ensuring that your vehicles are secured. The addition of a professionally installed electric gate will also add a level of sophistication to your home. Whether you opt for metal, wood, or a combination of the two, an electric gate brings a sense of grandeur to your home, and will significantly contribute to a great first impression of your home.

5. Find the right balance

Last, but by no means least, an important factor in improving your properties curb appeal is to consider the overall layout of the front exterior. A front garden could be a beautiful addition to your property exterior, but if you overdo it with unnecessary fauna, the area will seem cluttered and unmanageable. If you’re thinking of adding hanging or potted plants near your front door, make sure to keep things symmetrical. Not only is this visually appealing to those who visit or pass by, but it is a simple finish that will be easy to maintain.

At Elex Gates and Barriers, we may not be able to re-pave your drive or paint your front door, but we can provide and install a fantastic electric gate for your property. We take our job seriously, which is why our finished products stand the test of time. Visit our website to find the perfect domestic gates for you and your home, for added security and stunning curb appeal.

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