There are so many benefits of installing electric gates at your home, whether you are thinking about installing electric gates or you need a little persuasion, we have a list of the top benefits of installing electric gates. In reality, an electric gate can be a good asset since it can be a great source of security for you and your family. This type of gate opens and closes without physical human effort and usually only requires a security code that should be keyed-in to the access control system. It may cost more than the standard type of gate but you will certainly get more value to it.

Still not convinced?

Here are some of the top advantages of installing electric gates to help you decide:

1. Better security

With electric gates, you don’t need to be worried anymore about you and your family’s safety and security. Since an electric gate requires a security code, only the people who have access to the code can enter the gate. Therefore, even if you will be away for a long time or you will go on a vacation, you won’t have to worry about your house since you can be assured that all your belongings are safe inside. Moreover, any trespassers or intruders who want to get inside your property will be faced with obstacles which will eventually discourage them to sneak in your property.

2. Increase value

Your house/property will have an increase in value when you have an electric gate. Because of the gate’s nice and elegant aesthetics, it can give an impression that the property is being maintained using extravagant means and the people living in the house has a fancy lifestyle. Even if you are not planning on selling your property in the future, it still helps the property to have a high appraisal value.

3. Improve appearance

An electric gate can also be a good decoration for your property. It doesn’t matter whether you use it as a side gate or front gate, there will surely be a great change in the whole picture of your house because of the electric gate.

4. Improve safety

Even if your children are playing outside the house and you need to stay inside to finish the household chores, you don’t need to worry about your kids going out of the gate and be involved in roadside accidents. You just need to make sure to put the switch of the gate out of the children’s reach so that no one can enter or exit the house without an adult’s permission or supervision. It is also a great plus if you have pets since they can be kept away from the streets.

5. Convenience

The electric gate is very convenient in such a way that if you have a visitor or someone needs to enter the house, you can easily unlock the gate without having to go outside and manually unlock it. The gates can be opened and closed in a few seconds with just a click. Also, when you need to enter the house in a car, you don’t need to leave the car just to open the gate. You just need to key in the code or press the key and the gate will be opened immediately. You can activate the door lock even if you are 20-30 meters away from it.

6. Cheaper insurance

When you install an electric gate in your house, your insurance company may be able to offer you discount on your plan or even lower premiums since it can increase the security of your home.

7. Added privacy

When there is an electric gate installed on your property, you can prevent nosey neighbours from sneaking in your property. No one can just easily enter your house without permission, hence you can literally enjoy the privacy of your home.

automated steel swinging bell top metal driveway gates with finials and dog bars bristol

automated steel swinging bell top metal electric gates with finials

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