It can be really hard when choosing gates for a smaller property, you don’t know what will fit and if it does you don’t want to make your property to seem even smaller with the gates you’ve chosen.

You may associate electronic gates with large, grandly proportioned properties. After all, they are frequently seen across the driveways and entrances of stately homes and manors, where they guard against prospective intruders and add to the property’s luxurious mystique.

However, smaller, more modest properties can also benefit from electronic gates. They can be operated with the touch of a button and are far more convenient than manual gates. They can also give your home a touch of boutique class while providing the same security they give larger properties. Nevertheless, it’s important that you pick the right gate for your property. We’ve come up with three tips that should help smaller property owners choose.

1. Choose sliding gates over swinging gates
Swinging gates look and work beautifully when they have enough room to swing open and shut properly. Unfortunately, if you have a smaller property, you may find that you just don’t have sufficient space for swinging gates. We, therefore, recommend that you choose sliding gates instead. They don’t need as much room to open and close and they look just as good as swinging gates when they glide effortlessly open or closed.

2. Select an appropriately sized gate
If you own a smaller home, it’s vital that you think carefully about the size of your property when choosing your gate. You should avoid choosing a gate that appears absurdly large in proportion to you home. However, you may also wish to avoid choosing a gate that’s too small, as this can accentuate your property’s compact dimensions and make your home appear smaller than it really is! Choose a gate that’s proportional to the size of your property and you’ll discover that it looks wonderfully picturesque.

3. Decide on the right material
Your gates are likely to be physically near your home if you own a modest property. After all, they won’t be separated from it by an enormous lawn or long, winding driveway (as may be the case with larger properties). As a result, it’s important that your chosen gates match the style of your home. You should opt for wooden gates if your property has a more traditional or rustic aesthetic and metal ones if it has a more modern appearance.

If you’d like to know more about choosing the right gates for a smaller property, contact us immediately. Here at Elex Gates, we sell a wide variety of gates and automatic barriers, including school gates, car park gates, car park barriers and (of course) sliding gates for every type of property.

steel sliding straight top metal gates with finials street view

steel sliding straight top metal gates with finials

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