Making your home safe with electronic gates

If you read this blog regularly, you are already aware that electronic gates are stylish and convenient for a range of premises. But they’re also a way to make your home more secure. If you’re worried that burglars or intruders might target your property, investing in a set of electronic sliding gates is a great way to protect yourself. But why are electronic gates more secure than ordinary gates and how exactly can they help make your home safer?

1. Electronic gates are difficult to pry open
It’s almost impossible for intruders and criminals to open a set of high-quality electronic gates using brute force. Unlike gates that are designed to be opened and closed manually, electronic gates don’t respond readily to external pressure. Under normal circumstances, only their internal mechanisms can open and close them. Only people who have the key or know the code required to activate the mechanism can open or close a set of electronic gates. This should deter most prospective intruders (particularly if you choose gates that are also hard to climb over).

2. It’s dangerous for intruders to interfere with electronic gates
If brute force fails, smart intruders may try to get past manual gates by removing their hinges or destroying their locking mechanisms. This isn’t an option with electronic gates. After all, there’s a risk they may cut through a wire and get a nasty shock. Few prospective intruders would risk their safety just to break into your property.

3. Electronic gates can be closed and locked remotely
If someone is trying to gain access to your property unlawfully, you should make closing your gates a priority. However, leaving your home to close external gates may be dangerous. What’s more, it may take too long, as the intruder may enter the property while you’re en-route to the gates. Luckily, many electronic gates can be closed and locked remotely. If you have electronic gates installed, you won’t need to leave your home in order to shut the gates and secure the outer perimeter of your property.

Here at Elex Gates, we think that installing electronic gates is a great way to secure your home against intruders. Check out our range of swinging gates and sliding gates today. Making your home safe with electronic gates has never been easier.

sliding flat top domestic automated wood fill metal framed driveway gate

sliding flat top domestic automated wood fill metal framed gate

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