Almost every single school in the UK has gates, yet what is the real importance of them and why school need gates on their grounds? We have a wide range to choose from, yet understanding why they are important could help you make the most appropriate choice for your school.

Here are 3 reasons why school need gates on their grounds:

1. Child security

One of the most obvious reasons is to maintain total safety of children throughout the school day. Schools have a basic requirement to take care of pupils for the hours that they are there; therefore, gates ensure that they cannot leave the grounds or let outsiders walk onto the premises. Being safe and secure from passers-by is crucial in the current world, where we are more aware of the tactics used in abduction and abuse cases.

What’s more, younger pupils could land themselves in danger if the school was without safety gates should they try and run off, as schools are often located directly on main roads.

2. Deter theft

Once school is over for the day, there is usually no-one on the premises to take care of the property as the evening draws in. Without secure gates, the school would be open to thieves and vandals who could cause serious destruction, as well as stealing vital learning facilities. Laptops, whiteboards and other technological devices are usually the most valuable items on the property and without these resources, lessons may become difficult to teach and the costs of replacing them mean school budgets suffer.

3. Locate an intercom

If you place fencing around the school property, it would be a great place to position an intercom system. Outsiders do not have to step onto the premises to use the intercom system, therefore security will be tighter due to the controlled access.

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steel commercial school education facility fencing automated gates palisade bristol

steel commercial school education facility fencing automated gates

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