Does your company car park need automatic gates?

Do you run a business with a bustling premises or office? If so, that premises probably has its own car park. It is likely that many of your employees travel to work by car, so your car park is an essential part of your site. Ensuring that your car park is secure and operates efficiently is probably important to you because it is vital for your employees. But have you ever considered equipping it with automatic gates or barriers? Car park gates and barriers offer several benefits which can help protect and improve your car park.

1. Keeping your car park free for employees
If your car park is accessible to the public, non-employees may use it. This can be a problem if you need to keep all your parking spaces free for your employees. Automatic barriers and electronic car park gates can be used to let employees through while blocking access to members of the public. They make your car park more efficient by ensuring that non-employees can’t block your employees’ spaces. If you install barriers or gates at the perimeter of your car park, your employees will always be able to find a space. Of course, if your employees don’t have to worry about finding parking spaces, they should find it much easier to get to work on time.

2. Protecting your employees’ cars from thieves
Unattended cars are often targeted by thieves. Installing robust electric gates at the entrances to your car park can make the area harder for prospective car burglars to access. If your employees’ vehicles have been targeted before, you should consider deterring thieves with a set of hard-to-breach electric gates.

3. Controlling the flow of traffic
If your car park becomes very busy at certain times of day, the flow of traffic can become unpredictable. This can be confusing for individual motorists and dangerous for anyone trying to cross the car park on foot. Installing gates or automatic barriers is a great way to slow down and control the flow of traffic, thus making your car park safer and more organised.

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