Maintaining your gates can be something that you forget to do, once they’re installed you use them daily and forget about looking after them.

If you have an electric gate (or you’re considering having one installed), it’s vitally important that you keep your gates maintained. But why is this? Why is proper maintenance such a crucial part of gate ownership? There are three reasons, which we will talk about in today’s blog.

1. A well-maintained gate is a fully-functional gate
Our gates are designed to last for a long time and resist wear and tear. However, even the most durable sliding gate can break down if it isn’t looked after properly. If your electric gates do break down, you might find it hard to get into or out of your home. Luckily, having your gates maintained regularly ensures that they can function smoothly day after day. It’s far better to have your gates maintained than to risk a break-down occurring at an inconvenient moment.

2. Maintenance limits costs
Because regular maintenance prevents break-downs (as discussed in point one), it also saves you from having to pay for repairs. In the long-run, it’s a great deal more cost-effective to maintain your sliding gates than to have them repaired when they stop working.

3. Looking after your gates increases their lifespan
Regular maintenance doesn’t just prevent break-downs in the short-term: it helps extend the overall life of your gates. Maintaining any piece of electronic or mechanical equipment properly helps it to last longer: our sliding gates are no exception.

Don’t wait for your gates to develop a problem: have them maintained regularly to ensure that they keep working well and that they last for years to come. Here at Elex, we offer cover for our gates, which includes annual inspections and maintenance. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you look after your gates.

steel swinging straight top metal gates with finials

steel swinging straight top metal gates with finials

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