The saying goes “you can never be too careful” and that certainly applies when it comes to child and pet security. Electric gates and other automatic barriers are a superb crime prevention measure, keeping “undesirables” outside. However, they are also valuable for keeping children and pets safely inside your garden!

Sadly, the news headlines regularly feature tragic tales of toddlers who wander away or drown in garden pools, or precious pooches snatched away by heartless dog-nappers.

According to figures from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, around 5 children under the age of 6 drown each year in garden ponds alone. It can take just a minute for them to get into trouble in your swimming pool or water feature.

The RoSPA also warns that toddlers are good climbers, so simple gates often don’t halt the determined explorers if they decide to see what’s beyond the garden.

As for your fur baby, dog thefts have risen by 22% in England and Wales in the last 2 years, reaching a shocking level of over 5,000 since 2013.

This all makes the investment in a new sliding gate seem worth every penny, not least for the peace of mind it brings.

Affordable and controllable metal and wooden electric gates could be the solution, but not just at the entrances to your garden. They are adaptable to other purposes, for example to ensure no one can take a wander round your swimming pool or water-feature without using a keypad.

And, there is further good news. If you are thinking of moving home, the added security of electric gates can add value. Viewers – especially those with children and precious pets – will be heartened to see how secure your premises are.

In fact, surveys have shown that driveway gates with a code to access the grounds of a house are the most reassuring security feature for house hunters.

So if you want  child and pet security and allow them to have some freedom in your garden, with less chance of wandering off or getting into dangerous situations, call us today.

swinging bow top domestic automated wooden electric gates

swinging bow top domestic automated wooden gates

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